This Split Test Proves Has No Negative Impact on Website Performance |

This Split Test Proves Has No Negative Impact on Website Performance

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Historically, website owners have been hesitant to install heatmaps on their websites due to "site speed impact." Microsoft Clarity and Hotjar are known as the two that have the most negative impact on site speed.’s innovation of Site Speed Protection has proven we have zero impact on website performance. The best part, we ran a formal A/B test with over $2 million in revenue, proving site performance is identical with and without our snippet.

When you look at "site speed checkers" like GTmetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights, the results are not accurate to how your website is actually performing. They do not match the reality of what users see.

For example, the website shown below loads in less than 1-second! We ran this on 14 laptops and 12 phones with varying internet speeds, and all got the same result. That is insane site speed!

But… GTMetrix shows a "C-rating" for this INCREDIBLY fast-loading website. Below 1 second is as fast as a website can load, but a C-rating is a "bad score."

Here’s what a website with a sub-1 second page speed (faster than 99% of websites) gets a "C rating" looks like:

website site speed

Formal A/B Test for Site Performance

We ran a formal A/B test with & without’s snippet installed on a 9-figure e-commerce brand.

The results?

Zero impact on website performance!

Here are the results of the formal split test with over $2,400,000 in revenue:

split test results

Here you can see:

Control ( not installed) resulted in a $3.65 Revenue Per Session and $1.2 million in revenue.

Experiment (with installed) also resulted in an identical $3.65 Revenue Per Session and $1.2 million in revenue.

This is statistical proof that does not decrease website performance or revenue whatsoever, despite what Site Speed Checker tools show.

There is nothing better than a controlled, statistical experiment showing no impact on sales and website performance, just game-changing analytics from!

So, get, the only software with revenue-insights for every element on your website with revenue-tracked screen recordings! You can sign up here for a 7-day free trial here.